Not too much to report today. For today, I got my arm workout from an unexpected source – the NHS! At least I know their advice will be medically sound, haha. The website was a little less pretty than previous pages, with pictures being clear and accurate, but not necesarilly that interesting to look at.

Also, the workout itself seemed a little short. Although the page stated that it was a 10 minute workout, I realized that with just one set of 10-15 reps for each exercise, there was no way it would take 10 minutes. However, with my muscles still ahing from yesterday’s workout (ironically I think my abs workout worked my shoulders and lower body more than my abs!), I was thankful for an easier day.

The workout itself had some parts that seemed pretty tricky (e.g. 15 pushups!), while others seemed overly simple (e.g. tricep kickbacks with no weights). I modified the triceps kickbacks by adding weights, and also added in 15 bicep curls with 5 kg weights.

I also did 5 of my 15 pushups in the easier knee position, as I found that my arm muscles aren’t yet developed enough to allow me to do a proper, deep pushup.

I wouldn’t rate this workout too highly. It was way too short, and I’m not sure it’ll do much for my arm muscles.

Anyway, until tomorrow. Stay happy and healthy.

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