Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride.

Eddy Merckx

Another day, another workout. However, this one was a little different from usual, as I had been planning a bit of an excursion. I haven’t mentioned this before, but for context sake, I live in London.

This month (on the 22nd), London is becoming the first National Park City in the world. What that actually means is London is looking to make the city even greener than it already is (and it’s already very green for a major, european city) and to help people enjoy the green and blue spaces more.

One of the things that has been done to support this goal is the production of a map showing all of London, with all the green spaces, zoos, BBQ-friendly areas, places to go kayaking, a number of walks, and more. I had to have it!

If you live in London, I can’t recommend this map enough! As the organisation that produce it are an NGO, you can choose how much to donate to get the map, and then within just a few days, a beautiful, detailed map arrives at your door.

My husband and I regularly take trains out of London to see the countryside. However, being able to take out our map to see the greenspaces in London encouraged me to explore our own city a little more. More specifically, my husband and I, together with our corgi, decided to cycle the London section of the Lea Valley Walk.

Today, we started the day by hiring bikes from Liverpool Street station and then took the train out to Waltham Cross Station before cycling our way back towards Greenwich via the towpaths next to canals. All in all, it was a 30.4km ride, with our corgi riding in her backpack. (For part of the ride she was on my back, but I’ve got to be honest and confess that for most of it, she was on my husband’s.) With my arms, abs, and leg muscles still hurting from previous workouts, this was quite a challenge.

My parents never let me have a bike when I was growing up. They were a bit scared that we would cycle out into the road and would get hit by the car. I now do cycle fairly regularly, but usually just for short distances such as when I take my dog to the park. Because of that, however, I can definitively say this was THE LONGEST bike ride I have ever completed. And boy, oh boy, does my bum feel it!

There were so many highlights and neat parts of our walk. We saw horses, sheep, and belted galloway cattle. We had lunch at a little café next to the canal (just £4.00 each for a sandwich with three fillings of your choice and crisps), we stopped at a café for a drink and a popsicle (we really didn’t bring enough water), and we lay out under the trees in Greenwich Park.

Overall, it was a great day out. And despite the “workout” not being sourced from google, it certainly worked muscles that hadn’t been worked in a long time, and it was fun to have a mini adventure!

Anyway for anyone reading this, I sincerely hope you had a great day too. Keep healthy, keep happy!

Weight today: 68.5kg. Weight left to goal: 13.5kg

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