My abs are like my boyfriend… In that I don’t have a boyfriend.


I woke up today, and felt a twinge in my legs. That feeling only intensified as I stood up and began to walk around – apparently I really need to workout my legs more often! I’m hoping that as I workout more regularly my muscles aches will gradually ease.

After walking around a bit, trying to ease the ache in my legs, I headed to the bathroom to weigh myself – not exactly my favourite task. There it was – the weight stared back at me – 68.9kg. Meaning I need to lose 13.9 kilos to get to my goal. As a 164 cm woman, it’s very doable, but will still be a big challenge.

Today’s ab workout comes courtesy of Hugo Rivera of This screenshot doesn’t show it, but you do 3 sets of 15-20 reps for each of these exercises. As a beginner, I decided to just do 15 reps for each set, and I gave myself up to a minute between each set to recover.

Now, let’s be clear… I HATE abs exercises. However, I think it’s probably cause I have such poor ab muscles. If I can keep this routine up, I might have a chance of beginning to enjoy ab exercises.

I really struggled with the jackknife sit-ups, and ended up going to google to get some further instruction. Howcast had a great video, and I used their modified (i.e. simpler) version of the jackknife, as it was more suitable for my weak abs!

In contrast, the flat bench leg pull-ins were the simplest exercises for me, and offered a welcome respite.

As a fun little extra, I started to get a migraine halfway through my workout. I started getting them after my concussion, and they tend to come on when I get too tired, or get too dehydrated. Lately, it’s been really hot and humid, so if I don’t drink enough I quickly get painful head pain.

Regardless, I decided to power through, so as to keep on track with my challenge! For the 2nd and third sets of each exercise, I decided to follow yesterday’s example, and do two sets in a row for each exercise. For some reason, it just helps me to keep motivated.

So… review of today’s workout? This one was a real challenge. My ab muscles haven’t been worked this hard in a looooong time, and I can only imagine that I’m going to have some aches in my belly tomorrow.

Hope to catch up with you tomorrow – hopefully my predictions are all wrong!

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